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“Sustainably and ethically cultivated fish and produce cultivated in a small area of land!”



Our “green / blue” technology will provide the opportunity for WeFeedUs to market and sell the complete technology package to third parties and/or continue to develop similar facilities throughout the United States and abroad.  The long-term goal of the company is to establish similar facilities throughout the world with a view towards producing a range of sustainably produced products that are regionally grown and only transported a minimal distance.  The cultivation technology is itself highly energy efficient and site selection for each facility will be based upon on a number of specific criteria that will enable the product range to maintain its sustainable produced status.

The intensive fish production facility enables large numbers of fish to be sustainably and ethically cultivated in a relatively small area of land, thus maximizing the land use, while ensuring optimal conditions for the fish to grow in.  The waste water stream from the aquaculture facility then provides various nutrients for the hydroponic facility to cultivate vegetables, while other plants also help clean the water for the fish as part of the biological filtration process.

The WeFeedUs eco-system maximizes the utilization of nutrients, waste and other important natural components to promote the robust growth of sustainable produce, aquaculture, algae, and other co-products. We are focused on hiring the best and brightest subject matter experts to assist us in maintaining our leading edge technology and market edge. We are also committed to continued process improvement in research, development and production.