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“Healthier products, healthier people, a healthier planet!”

Sustainable Sales

There are multiple lines of revenue-generating business:

  • Selling sustainable produce and seafood to regional/national supermarket chains and food blocks utilizing Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): Farm to table, farm to market, farm to restaurant, farm to wholesaler/retailer
  • Providing algae biomass as an ingredient to multiple co-product markets and off-takers
  • Licensing technology to harvest and extract algae
  • Licensing technology for water remediation (including fracking)
  • Consulting Revenue – A comprehensive model including the design, construction, implementation and management of a “We FEED Us – Sustainability Innovation Center”
  • Sustainble Staffing Initiative – Providing contract and permanent billable resources to assist other like minded organizations to achieve their sustainability objectives. Including hiring men and women from our armed forces


Note: The WeFeedUs, Inc. Sustainable Production and Innovation Center is highly scalable depending on property size, budget, and yield desired. The type of produce, aquaculture an even algae can be substituted based on local diet and specific targeted co-products.


Sustainable  Products

  • Sustainable produce: lettuce and other vegetables
  • Sustainable seafood: may include Tilapia and other species depending upon region
  • *Algae biomass co-products: including an Algal inclusion proprietary, high protein, high value, specialty and functional fish feed.


* Other high-value algae biomass co-products may include:

  • Ingredients for bio-plastics and bio-chemicals
  • Ingredients for nutraceutical use such as Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA, DHA), Astaxanthinan antioxidant, also used for pigment for shrimp, salmon, and other species
  • Algae oilconvertible to bio-diesel and jet fuel


Do you want to know more about our products and/or services? Email us at sales@wefeedus.com