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eFeedUs, Inc. seeks to provide a scalable commercial model for future sustainable food and energy ecosystems. The eco-centric model connects the growth of sustainable food sources, the community, environment and energy solutions for a greener, healthier planet. Our commercial-scale model will produce organic produce, aquaculture, algae, and renewable energy. Food production systems will include but not be limited to an on-site hydroponic, aquaponic, vertical grow, algae grow, recirculation aquaculture system, and green energy systems which will assist in powering the facility. The WeFeedUs eco-system maximizes the utilization of nutrients, waste and other important natural components to promote the robust growth of our sustainable product, aquaculture, algae, and other co-products.

WeFeedUs, Inc. is currently centralizing operations in the northeast region of the United States.

Locations have been identified in New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and international interest from locations such as Canada, Germany and Singapore.


Food travels an average of 1,500 miles to its destination.

Within a 500 mile radius of the region lies 40% of the U.S. and more than 60% of Canada

Example: Newark, Delaware’s proximity to Population and Cities:

  • Wilmington is within 14 miles
  • Philadelphia is within 45 miles
  • Baltimore is within 57 miles
  • Washington D.C. is within 95 miles
  • New York City is within 131 miles
•Co-Located near several major supermarket national headquarters

There are many compelling reasons for utilizing sustainable food sources! Our commitment to the global community is to reduce food miles, food waste and the carbon footprint, while increasing bio and food security and guaranteeing freshness. Every day sustainability inspires more people to become “Locavores” – mindful citizens interested in eating locally grown food not moved long distances to market.

Join our mission to act responsibly and to maintain a healthy and available planet for future generations!

We welcome your partnership.


Mike Andrus


WeFeedUs, Inc.